Thoughts on nerves

There's no doubt about it; audition days are stressful. I am sure that they are stressful when you live down the road from the location, never mind when you got up at 5am to get a early train to the Big Smoke, carrying various different pieces of sheet music, a pair of dance shoes and … Continue reading Thoughts on nerves



Today is #LoveTheatreDay and because it happens to be my one day off from the survival job (in a theatre) and I am missing out on the fancy dress shenanigans (boo), I have decided to honour the occasion with a blog post instead. So here we go... 5 reasons why I have always loved theatre: … Continue reading #LoveTheatreDay!

Opening Night

I write from a bus stop somewhere in Birmingham, about to begin my 2.5 hour commute to work today via bus and train, courtesy of the great British driving test, my rants about which are probably best saved for another day (I can drive, for goodness sake!). However, on the plus side, I am acting … Continue reading Opening Night

A year on…

Over the past week, I've seen on social media many posts from those in the year below me at drama school, as they have their pictures taken with their business plans in the reception area, and say goodbye to drama school. They're all full of hope and excitement; some of them have jobs lined up, … Continue reading A year on…


Graduate life is very odd. Some days, I feel overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility; of needing to have it all together. Others, I feel as though I'm on an extended summer break, as though I can sit back and relax and the universe is, at some point, going to hand me a timetable and … Continue reading Pages.

Book Review: ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.’ By Elizabeth Gilbert.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good Pyjama and Netflix day. I write this post in my Pyjamas actually, because its raining and I'm tired from work at the day job last night and quite frankly, because I can. However, if I EVER needed motivation to get up and get dressed in the morning, … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.’ By Elizabeth Gilbert.