My Top Reads of the year so far!

A brief review of each of my top books of 2018 so far. To put this into perspective I have read 14 of my goal of 25 on Goodreads, so I'm making good progress. Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen by Alison Weir This is the most recent in a series by Alison Weir, each from … Continue reading My Top Reads of the year so far!


My Yoga Journey

My first memory of yoga is as a child, on New Years Eve of 2000 and something, when I distinctly remember googling yoga poses, printing them out (much to my parents dismay, ink is expensive, I now realise) and continuing to pretend that I could do the splits. At the time, I think I found … Continue reading My Yoga Journey


I have always loved Autumn. Once you get past September, and the strange 'back to school' feeling that it still evokes in me, Autumn is a great time of year. Its the time where I get to bring out my fluffy scarves and big jumpers, my winter boots and slippers. It's the time for Bonfire … Continue reading Autumn