My Yoga Journey

My first memory of yoga is as a child, on New Years Eve of 2000 and something, when I distinctly remember googling yoga poses, printing them out (much to my parents dismay, ink is expensive, I now realise) and continuing to pretend that I could do the splits. At the time, I think I found … Continue reading My Yoga Journey


Books that have inspired me- International Women’s Day.

It’s International Women’s Day! I didn’t take part in the Women’s March last year, nor have I ever really taken part in a protest, which isn’t out of choice. I don’t purposely avoid doing so, but I’ve always found myself to be the last to know about these things, and to be totally honest, unable … Continue reading Books that have inspired me- International Women’s Day.

Opening Night

I write from a bus stop somewhere in Birmingham, about to begin my 2.5 hour commute to work today via bus and train, courtesy of the great British driving test, my rants about which are probably best saved for another day (I can drive, for goodness sake!). However, on the plus side, I am acting … Continue reading Opening Night